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Cannabis & DOMS

What is DOMS? DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Steph Ifould, a Personal Trainer with Kirklees Active Leisure, told Live Science, "DOMS is a term used to describe the muscular aches, stiffness or soreness experienced between 24 and 72 hours after some particularly intense exercise or a new type of exercise that the body is unaccustomed to." This week I have gotten way into strength training. I have never been a big fan of cardio but lifting heavy things is my jam. The thought occurred to me that maybe cannabis could aid in my workouts. I decided to smoke before my workout just to the point of feeling more relaxed and focused. I follow up my workout with the rest of whatever bowl I packed for my pre-work.

Science Supports Cannabis and Recovery

A recent study by the Society of Cannabis Clinical study showed that Twenty-three trained participants completed a lower extremity EIMD protocol prior to being randomly assigned to either a CBD, MCT or null group. Self-report visual analog scale (VAS) scores were used to determine the level of soreness the participant was experiencing throughout the study (pre-, post-EIMD protocol, 24-, 48-, 72- and 96-hours post-EIMD protocol). The CBD group was given a 1ml solution of CBD and MCT oil. This solution contained 16.67mg of CBD. The MCT group received 1ml of MCT. The null group received nothing.

Results: Each group reported significantly different post-EIMD VAS scores compared to pre-EIMD. The CBD group reported significant differences in VAS score post-EIMD to 24-hours post-EIMD, at 48-hours post- EIMD and 72-hours post-EIMD. At 96-hours post-EIMD the CBD group said VAS scores were closer to pre-EIMD levels than either the MCT or null groups. Conclusions: CBD appears to significantly influence muscle soreness associated with EIMD DOMS when consumed immediately after strenuous exercise. Additionally, the rate of recovery with CBD use is greater when compared to MCT only or no intervention.

Personal NOTES

I noticed a few things right from the start. I had way more motivation to work out than I had planned for, I was able to complete a full workout, which has never happened before.

The second biggest thing I noticed was how fast afterward my muscles relaxed, and I mean all the way relaxed. I did not feel the post work out pain at all. My gains have been pushed even further and I love that I can really improve my workout routine with an organic solution. Once I find a new way to use cannabis I don't like to run out. I am a fan of the ounce subscription solely because I never have to worry about running out. If there is one thing I don't want it's DOMS!

Besides not running out you also get to experience a variety of strains to see what works best for you. You just might find your new favorite workout strain on the FCS website. My go-to for DOMS has been Purple Kush lately it's been amazing to ward off the new workout ache. Stay Happy, Healthy, & High!

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