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Society, Cannabis, & Alcohol

Society has this negative and close-minded association with cannabis and it's time it is addressed, but we as a whole are so misinformed about the things in life that are actually helpful for humanity have been painted in a negative light to make things seem like the worst... and those things that are actually destructive and detrimental for the well-being of us as humas are painted in a strangely positive light. Crazy how that works.

Let's use alcohol as an example of this - It has killed far more people than cannabis ever has, and yet we celebrate by drinking it, we pressure/are pressured into drinking, and potentially destroying out most valuable asset which is our mind. We get into our vehicle and drive home drunk, risking our lives and the lives of others. No one bats an eye if someone drinks a glass of wine at dinner, but some people will lose their shit if you tell them that you just smoked a joint before dinner. All in all, it's 2022 and the world should be more accepting of cannabis as it is of alcohol and prescription medication.

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